Badge Security Award

We are quite boring

We like standards, security and automated updates.


We keep your product secure

No headlines about russian script kiddies controlling your application.


We keep your product updated

SSL-bugs fixed within hours on all your devices.


Less customer support

We push out updates, we monitor and we troubleshoot before the customer calls.

Get your IoT, M2M or SCADA products reliable and secure online, now and in the future

We provide a secure infrastructure for your things and devices that want to communicate.

  • Timely updates to clients and servers
  • Crypto-certificates
  • Certificate-management
  • Open standards
  • Open source

How do we get secure?

Security is a process, not a product or a steady state. New vulnerabilities are discovered all the time. This is how we keep your system secure.


Automatic over-the-air updates


Continous monitoring


State of the art open source cryptographic software


Custom software packages for every product


Datacontrol, at collection point, at transmit and when inserted in DB

Release v3.30

Release v3.29

Release v3.28