About Modio

Modio AB is a supplier of secure, automatic and continuously updated embedded and IoT systems. One of our solutions is energy control and measuring in building automation.


It is our goal to make The Internet of Things and embedded devices secure to use. We make it secure for our customers to deploy embedded devices directly on the Internet.


We have a set of tools and methods for updating of, and maintaining secure communication between embedded systems and the outside world.


We do consulting, product development and training. We specialize in the management of embedded devices, their security and deployment.

Contact us

Modio AB

S:t Larsgatan 15, 582 24 Linköping, Sweden

Org.nr: 556846-7285

Contact us at info@modio.se


Take Aanstoot

Futurism & Solutions

Take is the entrepreneur behind Modio. He found the people to build things and does funding and outreach. His energy knows few limits, and his knack for seeing problems in need of solutions has involved him in many projects.

When he’s not building technology to make the world a better place, he’s trying to organise people to make the world a better place, with everything from a community driven pub to solar and farming projects in Africa. He’s the true entrepreneur.

When he’s not working on his projects, he’s involved in the Humanist movement, the Swedish Aspergers foundation, various environmental challenges, and a local farm.

Nicklas Lindgren


When he isn’t installing Fedora on Microsoft tablets, he’s our lead frontend developer. After years of experience in developing SVG and JavaScript frontends on set-top devices, it’s his second nature is to consider the memory and performance of everything.

Being too proficient for his own good in various programming languages he’s usually the person we interrupt with the hairy problems, which so far hasn’t stumped him.

When he’s not building JavaScript frameworks he’s competing in 48-hour game competitions and helping out with CoderDojo. Or deep in a memory analyser, reverse engineering or fixing something.

He is also the guy who wrote the JavaScript implementation of Caramel, generating RSA keys, PKCS#10 Requests and managing certificates.

In the past he has worked with Dreampark, Motorola Mobility, Google, Arris, usually focused on performance and quality.

Dennis 'Spindel' Ljungmark

Release dictator

After years on the software side of security, focusing on systems, and believing that crypto will fix everything, involvement with users and user focused testing & development changed his world. He no longer believes that purely technical solutions are the key, nor that users will be safer just because they learn more about technology.

He strives to build products that make the user safe by default, and he is working on both Free Software and outreach, teach, lecture and consulting in the fields of security, integrity and safety. In the past he has held lectures and workshops around security, large scale performance, testing and integrity.

He is currently responsible for the Distribution and low level parts of our stack, and when needed, server side and maintenance.

Projects he has been involved with have included Gnome, Gentoo, Tor, Zabbix, and OpenSSL/LibreSSL : He mostly does education, testing, maintenance and packaging.

When he’s not hacking on things, professionally or as a hobby, he does photography and music, preferably together.

Previously he worked for Google and also Motorola, and now he works with Modio.

Anthony Oduor

Frontend & Design

Anthony is the frontend curator, Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript are areas of great interest to him. He has 5+ years of experience, full-stack, across back and frontend web technologies.

He loves to experiment with User Interfaces and likes share knowledge and grow professionally; he enjoys Inkscaping (yes, it’s a thing now) and writing code. His ultimate goal is to build a highly intuitive UI that works instinctively. He has previously worked with Squad Digital, Africa i-Parliament, The UN, and JS Engine in various roles as a web applications developer.

Aside from all that, he is currently attending Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) classes to eventually reach out and help accommodate the deaf in the society, especially at his local parish.

Elias Persson

Code Critic

Elias is the guy you turn to when you want a high quality, generic and maintainable solution for a hairy problem. His role seems torn between thorough code reviews and reading various specifications. He has been the main designer of our serial integration software, as well as reverse engineering various protocols in order to build reliable reimplementations of them.

When he’s not in the office, he’s usually found where there is live music, whether it’s a festival or a concert.

Martin 'Sam' Samuelsson


A graphics hacker at heart, and a multitalented developer. He’s done everything from developing kernel drivers for obscure video hardware to frontend development. He’s currently working on our ZigBee integration, doing various low-level proof of concepts and integration.

In addition to caring for his family, he’s hacking on distributed raytracing, video projects, photography and visualisations in unique and interesting ways.

In the past he worked for Cendio, SMHI, Motorola and Google.