Together forward

How we run projects: packaging for minimal risk and tender friendly.


Earn trust and build relations

In the early phase, it is all about communication and transparency. We pay attention to details, allow discussions to take time and present diverse points of view.


Create projects

After the intial phase, we compile a list of technical and quality requirements with the associated time constraints and costs attached.


Run operations

After deploying the system, we assist you with running the daily operations on an SLA or subscription basis and provide support.

Full-stack IoT project competence

IoT Hardware

IoT Software

IoT Connectivity


Cloud Software

User frontend

Admin frontend

Our process

explore Prestudy

  • Requirements
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Resources

assignment Proof-of-concept

  • Base functionality
  • Survey of available COTS solutions
  • Minimal code changes

developer_board Demo

  • Testbed
  • COTS adaptation or concept design

account_balance Compliance

  • Certified partners
  • Preliminary EMC analysis

work Package

  • Final design
  • Requirements review
  • FAT
  • CE certification

loop Optimize

  • Optimize Hardware
  • Optimize Software
  • Optimize services
  • Redesign