Modio secure framework

By implementing our software in your solutions we can secure the communication for your IoT, M2M or SCADA application. With our customizable framework we can integrate all data collected in your portal or management system by our REST-API. The framework is not only secure with automated security updates but also a platform to update local devices in a secure way.

Modio Secure server

Our server software that stores all configuration and customer data

  • CA management
  • Deployment
  • Data handling
  • Database
  • Admin
  • VPN Server
  • VPN Client

Modio Embedded OS

Our Embedded OS that handles all local processing and securing communication

  • Keys
  • Updater
  • VPN client
  • Bootloader
  • Watchdog
  • Local communication: RF, PLC, 2-wire, Ethernet, 0-10V etc.