Caramel and Caramel Client

Caramel and Caramel Client are both on GitHub.

Both are currently released under the GNU General Public License. We don't believe that cryptographic infrastructure should be closed source.

The protocol between the Caramel client and the server is simple, and has been implemented in several other languages. Most of those are considered trivial, and not released. Feel free to contact us for help in integrating & setting it up.

Container generation

For deployment of custom web applications, and for building our OS, we use containers a fair bit.

Our base image repository on GitLab contains scripts and tooling to set up the following:

  1. a from-scratch Debian image for ARM (Suitable for deployment)
  2. a Python3-enabled Fedora-based container to run Pyramid applications in
  3. a CentOS7-based systemd-enabled container to run Zabbix in
  4. a bootstrap image to build other containers from.

There are also CI examples for Gitlab that may help someone setting this up for themselves.

Free Software

We use free software in our products, both on servers and clients. Free software has a license that respects the rights of the end users, and requires distributors and middle men to give end users the same rights that they get themselves.

These are rights that we of course respect, both legally and morally. We would not have been able to deliver our product if we did not have the ability to build on the work of others.

Our product is in large part based on free software, from Linux, the GNU project, and other sources.

We use Debian as base for our devices, and are happy users of Python and Pyramid on the server side.

Software promise

For as much as possible, we try to use unmodified software from the upstream projects, and when modifications have been necessary, we try to make them together with the projects. This has led to us not needing to do any larger modifications to the Debian packages we use.

If you still want the source code for the packages we use for the operating system, we keep a copy of the Debian packages available, as well as other source code. Contact us for a DVD with the archives.

This offer is for source code available under open licenses.