Data Collection

How it works

Our units are primarily data acquisition units, where we connect to various devices and gather data. We also support remote and automatic reconfiguration where this is applicable.

Then we also support direct control systems using custom software. This may be parameter based, but can involve more advanced programming.

Data collection protocols

We support several protocols for different situations. some of them, like mbus, are well defined and allow us to support a wide variety of units. Others, like "modbus" and "tcp" just mention the technology used and many are more or less implementation specific.

Supported Modbus devices

Modbus is a tricky protocol, where a single software may not be able to deal with all the intricacies a device requires. Below is a list of units that we support out of the box.

Electricity meters

  • ABB Electricity meters
  • Carlo Gavazzi Electricity meters
  • Eastron Smart Meters
  • Schneider EM64xx Series of Electricity Meters
  • Kamstrup Multical 403/603/803

Heat and circulation pumps

  • Calio pumps
  • NIBE F1345 series of heat pumps
  • Thermia Genesis BMS Heat pumps
  • VME HV pumps
  • Wilo pumps

Energy controllers

  • Regin Heating controllers
  • Regin Ventilation controllers
  • Ouman C203

Fan controllers

  • ECL Comfort
  • Ziehl Abegg EC Blue Fan controllers
  • Ziehl Abegg Unicon controllers
  • Swegon GOLD PX

Misc units

  • Saia
  • NPEIO Analog and Digital I/O devices

MBus devices

For MBus, we have production quality support for electricity and power meters.

SNMP devices

We support collecting data using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Below is a list of hardware we currently have in production.

  • BACS CS141 (Battery Analysis & Care System)
  • Standard UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source)
  • Socomec UPS
  • Enoc PDU EPI G2 (From Enoc System)
  • Unifi AP equipment
  • Unifi Switch equipment
  • Synology storage equipment
  • Printers

BACnet devices

We support connecting to one or more BACnet devices over BACnet/IP, supporting any standard or vendor specific BACnet object types focusing on collecting time series data.

Other control and acquisition

Some systems require specialized control and acquisition software, some of the ones we support are:

  • Nilar Battery Management System
  • SMA series of Solar inverters
  • Various 1-wire devices for speciality use cases

Controlling and adapting

In addition to the basic data collection and configuration of setpoints, etc. we have support for some speciality features:

Propagation of data from one device to another

Allowing syncronization of setpoints, temperatures and other parameters between different devices in order to achieve more complex control interactions.

This also allows the use of data from other locations, for example online data sources, if that is desired.

Integrated control tools

For generic (non device specific) control setups, we have a generic framework for cross-device regulation. All the controls are poll based, due to technical limitations, and in order to be easily accessible.

The following control mechanisms are currently supported: ValueCopy
At period interval, read value from source sensor and write to target sensor

At period interval, write value to target sensor.

At period interval, compare source to limit, and if above, turn target on.

At period interval, compare source to limit, and if above, turn target off.

At period interval, if source is enabled, disable target

Remote alerting and management

For most cases, our reporting, alerting and triggering (sending SMS, email, app integration, etc.) are done on the server-side, using an expressive macro language.

This allows customers to set alerting and handling on not just per-site and per-device statistics, but on aggregated devices or sites, and to evaluate even more complex behaviour.