Network traffic

Network Communications

Our units are collecting data through either serial networks, or an ethernet connection, and submitting data over the internet. This data will be both the information to us about how the unit itself is performing, and the information to our customers on how their system is doing. The devices are also updated to the latest software versions remotely.

Here is some information about what services we talk to and network traffic we use.

For details about what Modio stores, see our Data retention Policy

Remote Services our devices communicate with

Hostname Port Reason 443 Data measurements 443 Remote access and debugging 443 Remote access and debugging 443 Service status and internal monitoring 80/443 Software updates 80/443 TLS certificates

All communication is encrypted with at least Modern TLS providing good security.

Other network traffic we use

  • DHCP (for network assignment)
  • DNS as per the DHCP server
  • NTP (fine grained time sync)
  • HTTP and HTTPS network probes for online checks

The device needs no routed ports or traffic redirected from the internet since there are no open ports in the firewall.

The device may listen to port 443 locally for local discover traffic (Intra-device reporting of values). The device may also listen to port 22 locally for ssh (debug).