An api closer to you

The localapi allows you to do most of the things that the "real" api does, with some limitations. It's considered an experimental feature for advanced users, and requires manual set up and integration.


The Modio localapi requires a CA certificate to validate client certificates against. All valid certificates signed by this CA certificate will be considered equally valid to make requests and changes to the device. Further access controls can be implemented on request.

DNS needs to be configured in the customer network, where the device name must be resolvable to it's IP-address.

For questions on setting up the localapi, contact support.

Using the API

The localapi is a limited version of the Modio API, but allows all the same requests and has the same data-structures.

Some notable behaviour deviations exist:

  • History data is capped
  • Name and Unit are not supported
  • All keys are considered non-configurable
  • Configuration is supported on a best-attempt basis

Release v3.30

Release v3.29

Release v3.28