Modio has become partner of Smart Savannah!

Modio has become an official partner of Wildlife Security: Smart Savannahs. The initiative brings together a dozen technology companies, Vinnova, Linköping University, the Stimson Center and international partners to build a new gold standard for the protection of endangered wildlife and natural resources. Modio will help primarily with our knowledge about data security and automatic secure software updates for connected devices. Modio is using its computer security experts in Sweden and Kenya for making sure the services offered are as secure as needed.

A subset of actors are also executing a pilot project in Kenya in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, Project Ngulia, protecting endangered rhinoceros in Tsavo West National Park. A fuller technological solution is being tested in Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden with applications worldwide on a wide range of environmental challenges. You can join too ( and make a difference.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented wildlife crisis.

140,000 elephants and more than 3,500 rhinos have been slaughtered by poachers since 2012. There are direct and indirect links between poaching, wildlife crime and transnational criminal organizations, insurgencies and even terrorist organizations. In Kenya, the black rhino population is facing extinction. In 1970s there were 20,000 black rhinos. Today there are only about 650.

The current situation has significant implications for Kenya’s development as about 12 percent of Kenya’s GDP is associated with the tourism industry that relies on popular wildlife attractions as elephants and rhinos.

Is technology a silver bullet solution to poaching?

Poaching and wildlife crime is a multi-faceted challenge requiring sustainable peace, security, development and conservation efforts around the world. Wildlife Security: Smart Savannahs works to build security on the supply side of the challenge, which includes designing and executing technological solutions to those who attack national parks and rob them of their treasures by killing the animals and selling their part on international black markets.

The initiative is designing a system, which includes command, control and communication solutions, sensors and eventually unmanned aerial vehicles that further the work of those protecting the animals. Wildlife Security: Smart Savannahs have attracted some of the most interesting organizations and companies in the field of sensors, security and mobile communications. Modio is very proud to join the efforts.

What is Modio doing otherwise? We are making products for securing embedded and remote systems, making sure we have encrypted communications, update systems and secure operating system. We also help organisations with security analysis, where we review the development process, deployment process and operations in the organisation. We have offices both in Nairobi and Linköping.

We also work with capacity building, latest by a training course in iHub on secure application development.

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