Release 1.3

Back on Track with releases!

We are now back on our 5-week release schedule after the holidays, with the years first release. New is support for additional hardware and improvments.


API: * New API endpoints for Events and Acknowledgements. This allows an API consumer to track alerts from the backend

Modbus: * Modbus data reads are now performed with a Deadline scheduler. This gives us more reliable readings and lays the groundwork to prevent slow or otherwise standards-obnoxious hardware from interfering * Improved support for Ziehl Abegg Fans in mode 4.0x * Basic support for VME pumps

Mbus: * Workaround in place for hardware that needs to be scanned before they return values * Full support for Gyr Ultraheat Energy meters

Firmware: * Always use monotonic clocks when reading from devices, this prevents time-drifts from affecting measurements * Upgraded to Linux Kernel 3.18 * Migration to Python 3 in progress on devices

Online data sources: * The boxes now has the ability to fetch data from online sources via the API * The boxes now has a rudimentary ability to propagate values between eachother

Local Display: * Now using a reduced Gnome stack for the local display * Improved Alerts screen

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26