Release 1.6

Some silent releases

The last three cycles have been quiet on the user visible changes.

Now the major revamp of our mbus code has landed, and we now properly support multi-device mbus items and tariffs.



  • The API efactored and the service can now be split between machines for customer separation and split-data allocation.
  • Further caching of some answers have been implemented
  • Negative caching of requests that are deemd "alive" has been implemented
  • Better error messages for some data validators


  • Separation of data backends have been completed, migration to newer operatingystems in place.
  • Migration into a Pyramid web framework is completed
  • Service migration from lighttpd to nginx has been done
  • Migrated from python 2.6 to 2.7
  • Migrated from Zabbix 2.2 to 2.4


  • Properly supporting tariffs in the keys
  • Proper support for multi-device meters
  • Changed names of meters to be saner


  • Kernel 3.19 is the current on the boxes
  • OS is now based on Debian Stable (Jessie)
  • Migration to Python 3 has proceeded further


  • Further improvements, including modbus over ZigBee


  • Multiple new frontend demos in place
  • New alarm tables

Release v3.30

Release v3.29

Release v3.28