Release 2.2

Security and feature release. Due to the announced fixes for a few OpenSSL vulnerabilies, including CVE-2016-0799 and CVE-2016-0702 we delayed our normal release cycle until they were fixed.

The big news in the security department was the recent DROWN attack which we were never vulnerable to due to never supporting SSLv2. In fact, we do not support anything but TLSv1.2

New features: - Ziehl Abegg Unicon fan controller support - Wilo Modbus pump controller support - Adjusted reading cycles on Nibe pumps for 4 pump configurations - Zabbix 3.0 bings us some new API features in the upcoming releases.

Our API Gained a new function call to calculate which requests are needed to get properly cached history data.

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26