Release 3.10

First Summer release

Major rewrite of the server side submit server, refactoring code and integrating more with future afase updates.

A major OS release upgrade on the container side, and a fresh Kubernetes cluster migration took up most of the backend time this sprint.

On device there's some new changes on the modbus.

Notable server side changes

  • Support for marking some data as discardable after certain times.
  • Submit server now regularly syncs with Afase
  • Logging server and client side views of failed data submissions
  • Refactoring of the submitserver
  • Submit server now updates keys in the backend when settings change due to data changes etc.

New Hardware support

  • modbus: Add support for Corrigo Ventilation expansion units
  • modbus: Add support for GOLD generation D

On device changes

  • Improved submitter between servers, cutting out delays
  • Split out timesync from data submission
  • Resume downloads if they fail

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26