Release 3.11

Second Summer release

The submit-server now syncronizes triggers and alert messages have been re-written to state a positive thing (that can be falsified)

Prototypes, the concept from Afase which lets you configure a device, set metadata and name on it, can now be exposed into the API on the /v0/prototype endpoint. See our API documentation for details

Work has been done to integrate apifetcher & styr into a more useable UI from the web, more documentation on this feature to be expected in an article from Mathias soon.

Notable server side changes

  • Triggers have been re-formulated as Positives
  • Triggers now automatically sync in the submit server
  • API exposes /v0/prototypes
  • Allow sysadmins to rename keys and set up triggers
  • afase/clientconfig: adjust export formats and adding help text to forms
  • New Per-cabinet default prototypes

New Hardware support

  • Modbus: support Corrigo Ventilation frost protection program

On device changes

  • Fix register type of alarm point variables
  • Dropped some limitations from modio styr rules
  • Made the API-fetcher prefer online sources to local network sources

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26