Release 3.12

After Vacation release

Alert actions (Messages) are now set consistently for everyone and can be changed to fit usages. More triggers for non-default names of certain meters are now automatically created and syncronized.

Server side, except for bug-fixes, most changes were in Afase for data validation and stricter error handling.

New Hardware support

  • Modbus: Initial support for Elite 440 series energy meters

Notable server side changes

  • Submit now sets up more default triggers for Modbus devices
  • Afase now validates even stricter in prototype related forms
  • Some more restrictions to how tokens can be bound to devices & cabinets

API changes

  • Feature: Add the api_key field to prototypes
  • Workaround for Javascript HTTP request redirects
  • Bugfix for data types in events
  • Bugfix, returning 403 instead of 500 from backend authorization problems
  • Bugfix, no longer redirect to documentation on TLS certificate errors

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26