Release 3.4

Spring release

As always, security updates and bug fixes that are not mentioned below. A lot of work went into partitioning and optimizing of the database to handle > 500GB of historical data in a performant manner.


  • Support for Modio Modbus testers
  • Support for EM6438/EM6436 power meters
  • Kernel update to 4.14 LTS
  • Various feature updates for the core OS
  • Disable the operator per default
  • Support for on-device status LEDS
  • (experimental) Support for passive Modbus monitoring
  • (experimental) Support for 6lowpan connected dali devices
  • (experimental) Support for ER IPX controllers


  • mbus triggers will now contain the meter name
  • Support for passive Modbus monitoring
  • Enable some asyncronous features to handle multiple new devices registering at once
  • Improve cache handling in the API
  • Upgrade PostgreSQL to 10.x series
  • Implement partitioned history tables
  • Implement partition based housekeeping


  • Expose status of configuration changes
  • Show when triggers last changed
  • Show lastvalue/lastclock for older items

Release v3.30

Release v3.29

Release v3.28