Release 3.6

Autumn release

As always, security updates and bug fixes that are not mentioned below. This cycle, it's been mostly a focus on performance and infrastructure changes.

Our updated logging code on the devices landed, bringing the culmination of work that started more than two years ago, by finally landing it on the devices. These changes should be transparent to our users, except that configuration changes pushed to devices now get faster reactions, and the latency between data being read, and availability in the API has been reduced.


  • Support for reading of larger blocks of data-points on Modbus devices
  • Taught the modbus code to communicate with new devices
  • Taught the data-submitter code to transmit data in parallel, reducing latency
  • Replaced the on-device IPC, further reducing latencies between logging and transmission
  • Altered how transaction results are managed, giving a first step of improved response


  • Improved performance between submit & API
  • Removed support for python 2.x
  • Further monitoring changes, enabling alerts when individual devices stop responding
  • Replaced our to-device VPN server
  • Replaced our update-server
  • Replaced our CA server
  • Migrated the CA frontend into our k8s cluster


  • Massively improved the API performance


  • Automatically binds prototypes to devices if there's only a single device & prototype associated with the site
  • Automatically push configuration changes to devices when creating or editing a prototype
  • And several other user-interaction changes

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26