Release 3.9

Late winter release

More refinements of the updater & upgrades, major distribution update by migrating to the latest stable version of Debian for the underlying OS.

Notable server side changes

  • API now returns trigger severity as intended
  • API had it's logging overhauled, together with other lint and CI fixes
  • Submit now correctly discards data older than ARCHIVE_DAYS rather than causing errors for the devices trying to catch up with very old data.
  • Submit had it's logging rewritten
  • The first part of a major refactoring of the submit code has landed, more to come
  • Submit now automatically syncs with Afase for device configuration

New Hardware support

  • Changes for Regin Corrigo Heating, adding new groups
  • Support for WTR10 E meters

On device changes

  • New OS release
  • Improvement around ipv6+ipv4 configurations around errors (Happy Eyeballs)
  • Partial rewrite of the software updater
  • Support for multi-homed network devices. Having multiple networks & routes on the devices

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26