Release v3.15

First spring release

This release emphasizes support for both SNMP ocn BACnet. As the previous release of Fedora was nearing end of life, we have upgraded all our containers to Fedora 31. Since is this is a part of our upgrading plan, it could be handled as part of our daily work. Theory and practice actually matched.

New hardware support

  • Modbus: Support for Isolated Digital I/O Module WP8026ADAM and ADAM-4055
  • Modbus: Support for flowmeter Ngenic HC9930-78XX
  • First support for SNMP protocol
  • First support for BACnet protocol
  • Bastec: Improved monitoring of configuration and installation changes, in order to keep track of third party integration changes.

Notable server side changes

  • Migration to Fedora 31 as our base image for cluster containers.
  • Afase: Streamlined workflow of re-usage of RTUs and more UX-improvements

Release v3.30

Release v3.29

Release v3.28