Release v3.18

A hoopy frood release for the start of summer.

Behind the scenes work has landed for the distribution and our server components, as well as the housekeeper and archiver services.

On the more noticable, side, lots of new Modbus devices, and some new SNMP devices have been added.

New hardware support

  • Modbus device Spirovent S400
  • Modbus device Seneca Z-4AI
  • Modbus device CALAIR-PR-1F/2F
  • Modbus device XY-MD01
  • Modbus device Climaveneta CRCX
  • SNMP Power Distribution Units (PDU's)


  • Limit permitted lengths of user-modifiable names

On device

  • Make VPN tunnel through some more firewalls by encrypting the handshake
  • Upgrade modbus library to support new devices
  • SNMPv1 support and Enoc PDU support

Server backends

  • Support for SNMP PDU and data units
  • Support alerting on SNMP device failures
  • Upgraded modbus library to support the new devices

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26