Release v3.19

Midsummer release!

Birds are singing, nights are bright, and time for another release.

Firmware update to newer components, but a relatively calm cycle.

New hardware support

  • SOCOMEC ups and BACS2 support
  • Adds ADAM-4055 to modbus list
  • Adds XY-MD01 to modbus list


  • Fix problem with users being logged out unexpectedly

Bugfixes and improvements

The SNMP hardware we currently support made us to:

  • Implement support for Scaled SNMP values
  • Add support for some missing SNMP datatypes
  • Fix SNMP items to have the device name as a prefix
  • Permit timeout both global, and per-device

Other improvementes:

  • XY-MD01: filter misreads and limits to temperature and humidity

Server backends:

  • Automatically resolve duplicated triggers
  • Upgrade PostgreSQL to Version 12

Firmware testing

  • Build containers that equal our device firmware

Release v3.28

Release v3.27

Release v3.26