Release v3.25

Summer release.

Due to Covid 19, it's a bit smaller than usual.

Infrastructure changes are once again ruling this release, with a migration of our production databases onto different hardware as the main point.

Other than that, some new device support, as well as bastec related fixes has happened.


New features:

  • Add support for GenComm DSE modbus devices
  • Add a new "blank" prototype
  • Export api users for Devices which run apifetcher


New features:

  • Implement support for Zabbix 4.0 API
  • Implement zabbix 4 type of delay parsing


New features:

  • Bastec: Support bar spelled with a little b
  • Bastec: Implement support for pulse value conversions

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Bastec error from trying to read too many objects


New features:

  • Do not duplicate usermedia entries on Zabbix 4.0
  • Teach submit to reset passwords for Machine accounts
  • Teach setup about adding Modio Admins
  • Make actions and recovery messages work with Zabbix 4
  • Add support for GenComm devices
  • Automate setting up of external monitoring for all instances
  • Make sibattery item names more unique
  • Add verification dataset for DSE devices


New features:

  • CI: Stop using our debian+docker container for builds


New features:

  • Support pulse counter objects in visualisations


New features:

  • Make an ubuntu based wal-g container


New features:

  • Implement support for GenComm for DSE8610
  • Document the input values of filteredtype


New features:

  • Sync upstream spilo release 2.0-p7


New features:

  • Prepare migration of modio/db1 to patroni
  • Use Wal-G to backup amiga
  • Migrate PPAM database
  • Deprecate db1 and add new coreos workers
  • Update certmanager to v1.2
  • Update cert-manager to v1.3.1
  • Upgrade nginx-ingress on our clusters

Release v3.30

Release v3.29

Release v3.28